A key to good documentation is "don't assume anything". If you have to ask the question, then it is best to include it in the docos.

>Howard Chu wrote:
> Gavin Henry wrote:
>> Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
>>> Howard Chu <> wrote:
>>>> Use slaptest instead.
>>> Oh, right, I missed that one. Perhaps this is the missing piece in the
>>> docs? It's not obvious how to explain it, though. I'm not sure the
>>> sentence below is satisfying.
>>>        -F slapd-config-directory
>>>               Specifies the slapd  configuration  directory.  The
>>>               default  is /usr/pkg/share/examples/openldap/slapd.d.  If
>>>               both -f and -F are specified, the config file will be read
>>>               and converted to  config directory  format  and  written
>>>               to the specified directory before slapd starts regular
>>>               operations. slaptest(8) can also be used to just perform
>>>               the conversion.
>> in slapd(8) in HEAD, the last sentence does say:
>> "All of the slap tools that use the config options observe this same
>> behavior."
> Not just in HEAD. That text has been there since May/June 2005, 2.3 onward.
>OK. Well, there's no excuse for people missing it then. A bit of thought
>would lead them to slaptest. Or do we have to actually say slaptest.
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