Got it.
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On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 20:45, <> wrote:
> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 21:27, <> wrote:
>> > Yes, indeed this is our case. I had to manually slapindex, then only
>> we
>> > got
>> > the correct result (even though we have specified the attribute to
>> index
>> > automatically in slapd.conf).
>> How do you specify automatic attribute indexing in slapd.conf?  I didn't
>> know about that.
> We have this line in slapd.conf.
> index   customAttribute  pres,eq
> Is this not automatic indexing? Or is it just specifying which attribute
> to
> index when running slapindex?

man slapd.conf(5):

  (about index settings)
  Note: Indexing support depends on the particular backend in use.  Also,
  changing  these  settings  will  generally require deleting any indices
  that depend on these parameters and recreating them with  slapindex(8).

man slapd-bdb(5):

  (about the index directive)
  ... Note:   changing   index  settings  in
  slapd.conf(5) requires  rebuilding  indices,  see  slapindex(8);
  changing index settings dynamically by LDAPModifying "cn=config"
  automatically causes rebuilding of the indices online in a back-
  ground task.

Could it be any clearer?


>> > However, do we have to slapindex nightly since this is a case, or is
>> this
>> > a
>> > bug (we're using openldap 2.4.19)?
>> Apparently, you ran slapindex without even reading the man page.  It
>> *must* be run when you change indexes in slapd.conf, and only in that
>> case.  And slapd *must not* be running when you run slapindex (it
>> complains and refuses to start, otherwise, as far as I know).
>> Or, if you modify indexes using ldapmodify in cn=config, re-indexing
>> will
>> be automatical, no need to run slapindex.  Is this what you meant?
> I think so. That means, doing ldapmodify when ldap is running live will
> automatically re-index the attribute?
>> p.
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