Yes, indeed this is our case. I had to manually slapindex, then only we got the correct result (even though we have specified the attribute to index automatically in slapd.conf).

However, do we have to slapindex nightly since this is a case, or is this a bug (we're using openldap 2.4.19)?


Wan Mohd Khairi Wan Mohamed
wankhairi [at] nervesis [dot] com [dot] my

On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 10:40, <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a little bit of a problem here. When we tried to search in
> openldap
> with the following filter:-
> (&(uid=user1)(customAttribute=somevalue))
> ... it returned no results. But when we use a similar filter, with an
> asterisk (*) appended for the 2nd attribute:-
> (&(uid=user1)(customAttribute=somevalue*))
> We got the result just fine. The funny thing is, the result listed
> customAttribute value as just 'somevalue'. We were wondering what's the
> extra character that's preventing us from getting the result when using
> the
> filter without the asterisk.
> Have anyone encountered similar problem before?

All those that change indexes without reindexing the database (man
slapindex(8) for details) experience a similar behavior.  Could it be your