2009/7/16 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>
Tamás Pisch wrote:
> I installed Openldap 2.4.11-1 on two Debian Lenny servers (srv3, srv4),
> in mastrer-slave configuration.

Not sure whether that's your particular problem but on Debian OpenLDAP
is linked against GnuTLS. There have been some GnuTLS-related fixes in
OpenLDAP after 2.4.11. So you should first try to upgrade to 2.4.17 (or
convince the package maintainer to provide an update for 2.4.17).

Thanks for your advice. At first, I don't want to change the default version, just later, if nothing else will help. I found 2.4.15-1.1_amd64 On debian.org.
However, I realized that I can connect to srv3 from my Linux desktop, with Luma. First, I tried the TLS option, because I knew too about the Debian specific GnuTLS compilation. With the TLS option, it didn't work, but with the SSL option, it worked! Unfortunately, I don't know enough about ldap and SSL/TLS, so I don't know, how to take advantage of this.