i am using CFLAGS="-fast -xtarget=ultraT1 -xarch=sparcvis2 -xcode=pic32 -g -xs -O"

one set of solaris docs i read implied that -xarch=sparcvis2 was equivalent to -xarch=v9 (which used to trigger 64 bit), but looking at the sun studio 12 compiler options, the more specific versions of -xarch (ie. other than -xarch=v9 or v9a or v9b) may no longer imply that the 64 bit memory model should be used. so maybe i need to add a -m64 to the above ?

(compiling on a Sun T2000, with a homegenous build / execute environment, so favouring speed over cpu compatibility is ok)

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On Wed, 11 Mar 2009, Brett @Google wrote:

/data/openldap/backups/ldap_090302.ldif: Value too large for defined data

man lfcompile, and/or switch to 64-bit binaries?