Hello ,


I did db_recover in the bdb database directory and I am able to start slapd, but may be the data as you said, would have been last. I will check that.. Thanks





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John Drescher wrote:

>> Hello,


>> When I started adding some entries to openldap server (2.3.36), suddenly my

>> system powered off,


>> When I started my sytem after rebooting, my slapd with BDB as backend , is

>> unable to recover , I am getting an error as below, Please say , what am I

>> doing wrong



> I am not sure if this is your problem but have you tried running the

> bdb utilities to recover from a corrupted database. I believe the

> command is db_recover. We have had to do this a few times in the past.


It's clear from his error log that such actions will be useless. His

transaction log is clearly missing a large amount of data. The BDB transaction

support can't help you if your hardware fails to preserve the transaction log data.



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