On Wed, 29 Jan 2020 at 05:46, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote: 
But my point was, I think it’s a fallacy to tie software quality and frequency of releases.
I encounter way too much software today that
releases frequently, but what it releases is poorly (or not at all) QA'd,
etc.  And it's a nightmare to deal with.  I'd rather they slowed down and
got their software in better shape than constantly release, well, crap.

No-one was suggesting a two-week release cycle (e.g. Wine) or three major releases a year (e.g. ICU). But there comes a point where simply releasing bug fixes (although very important for stability) for many years at a time delays the release of important other work.

That’s what Howard wants to address with this change.

Out of interest, what frequency of minor and patch release do believe is appropriate for this project?