Ok, I will refine my changes.

30.04.2015 19:46 пользователь "Howard Chu" <hyc@symas.com> написал:
Леонид Юрьев wrote:
Hm, but how open dbi which some flags, ensure that are present?

Same for  main-dbi without change stored flags?

If you want to verify which flags are present, use mdb_dbi_flags() to retrieve them after opening.

This is why most of your posts meet negative responses - you attempt to make changes before understanding how the existing system works. That's not a good or productive approach to software development.

30.04.2015 19:16 пользователь "Howard Chu" <hyc@symas.com
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    Леонид Юрьев wrote:

        Hi, Howard.

        I would like to introduce the MDB_PICKUP flag for mdb_dpi_open().
        Please see

        At least, this is required for mdb_chk tool, when a DBI should
        be opened
        with flags that stored inside LMDB, which while a DBI was
        created. It is
        particularly important for DBI_MAIN.

    This flag is completely unnecessary. Opening an existing DBI with
    flags=0 accomplishes that task already.

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