Quanah and Howard,

Thanks for your quick replies! I'm glad to hear there's interest in this. I think 2.6 is a more realistic target, as I'll need to get my boss to allocate time for this work amongst other wolfSSL tasks I've been assigned. Look forward to a merge request in the (hopefully near) future!



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> (thanks JoBbZ). I was also pointed to this
> issue in your issue tracking system, where a developer (Quanah
> Gibson-Mount)

Same person. ;)

> Is there still interest in getting wolfSSL working with OpenLDAP's latest
> version and integrated upstream?

OpenLDAP 2.4 is closed to development.  If you want this in for OpenLDAP
2.5, you'll need to get the work in ASAP, otherwise it will have to wait
for 2.6


Sign up for an account on our gitlab instance: https://git.openldap.org

Fork a copy of the openldap repo.

Create a branch for ITS9303 and do the work in that branch

Push the branch

Open a merge request for review

Additionally, you'll need to add an IPR statement to ITS#9303 as documented
at <https://www.openldap.org/devel/contributing.html#notice>

A link to the MR should also be put into the ITS.



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