I have created custom object class and its attribute

attributetype ( 1.2006.08.20.1 NAME 'DealerCode'
DESC 'RFC2256: Dealer code'
SUP name )

attributetype ( 1.2006.08.20.2 NAME 'GroupCode'
DESC 'RFC2256: Group code'
SUP name )

objectclass ( 1.2006.08.20.3 NAME 'DealerMaster'
DESC 'Information regarding dealer'
MUST ( DealerCode )
MAY ( GroupCode $ mail ))

i have stored this file in /etc/openldap/schema/dealer.schema then i have include this file in slapd.conf file then i have started server.
For testing purpose i have created one ldif file

dn: DealerCode=PankajB,dc=abacus,dc=com
DealerCode: PankajB
objectClass: DealerMaster

When i execute this ldif file with below mention command

ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=abacus,dc=com" -W -f dealerentry.ldif

It ask for ldap password after entering the password

"adding new entry "DealerCode=PankajB,dc=abacus,dc=com"
appears on sceen then it hangs

Awaiting for your reply.
Thanks in advance